Sky Access Team

Sky Access Team is a company created out of a passion for crossing borders.

We have many years of experience in conducting and supervising work at height in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. We specialize in the energy industry and renewable energy. We have also completed numerous projects in the area of ​​anti-corrosion, installation works, supervision and tests.

We gained rope knowledge by operating in sports (within the structures of the Polish Mountaineering Association), industrial (in IRATA / SPRAT / OTDL systems) and rescue (including PZA Cave Rescue Group, SAR Specialist Rescue Group, or GPR Kęty. Thousands of hours spent in ropes, resulted in the creation of a training department. The knowledge of our instructors was used, among others, by units of the Ministry of National Defense or the Ministry of Interior and Administration, as well as many individual clients.

The overriding value during our activities is safety – we work according to IRATA standards, and each work is supervised by appropriately qualified personnel. All of them are carried out on certified and regularly serviced and controlled equipment.

More about the founders of Sky Access Team can be found in the Team tab.

Sky Access Team