Sky Access Team

Sky Access Team is a company which was created from passion to cross the borders.

Comprehensive interests and experience of company founders have resulted in creation of three sections: high altitude works, trainings and broadly understood outdoor.

We have gained our knowledge from the best professionals during courses and trainings as well as taking part in manoeuvres, exercises and courses for the Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland.  As instructors, we have appeared, for ex., during Uniformed Services Trainings in Kłodzko and Endurance Camps for High Altitude Rescuers in Kęty. We also share our passion in the SAR Specialist Rescue Group.

We have been working with ropes for many years. We have worked on large projects in Europe, Asia and Southern America. We offer our experience not only to the large enterprises but also to retail clients by providing aid in trees cutting or roof painting. We posses high quality equipment which makes secure and effective work available by basing on the newest technological solutions.

We also enjoy spending free time in active manner. We offer integration events, camps, bachelor or bachelorette parties. During a weekend spent in the bosom of nature, exploring caves or discovering a river from the level of the kayak, you can not only relax but, above all, you can have a good time.

More about us can be found in the Team tab. 😉